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CAL POLY COMPOST SCHOOL --------------------------------------- The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CAFES Center for Sustainabilityis holding a week long “Professional Compost Training” on April 23 – 27, 2012. The training will take place primarily on the Cal Poly campus, including theCal Poly Compost Unit, and will be supplemented with tours of regionalcomposting operations and farms incorporating composting in theiroperations. It will be geared toward agricultural professionals andfarmers, conservation and waste management professionals, faculty and students,and will also be open to the general public. More information is available at

COMPOST BESTMANAGEMENT PRACTICES--------------Chairman Doug Graham is forming a Compost Best ManagementPractices Committee to develop guidelines for producing compost and protectingfood safety. Bob Myer, Foster Farms, hasagreed to chair this group. More discussion on this committee and direction will be at the April 10 OFAC meeting in Fresno

CALIFORNIA WATER QUALITY-------------------------------------Tom Willey, T & D Willey Farms, wrote an excellentcommentary on nitrate in their recent newsletter “What’s Grown’ On”. It can be found at Just scroll down.

Information: It is expected a fact sheet will be available in the near future and meetings will be held for growers. This order will be probably be appealed theState Water Board by agriculture interests and possible court action. So stay tuned.





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